How can you tell how many votes an instructable has?

The answer is probobly sitting right in front of me...

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Sunbanks9 years ago
It will tell you how many votes it has if you vote for it.
um, voting for one's own doesn't count though, does it?
It used to. Altruist that I am, I pointed it out, and they fixed it. :D
If you unvote it it does. I thought he was wondering how to tell how many votes someone else's instructable has.
Quite possibly he was....I know I asked how I could find out how many votes I got in another thread, but didn't get an answer. Sorry for the hijack.... :-(
Oooh ok. Don't worry, hijack is my middle name :D
Ok, well, hopefully no one calls you by your middle name while you are on an airplane LOL
LOL yeah!
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