How could I build a mask that can breath out fog?

I am wondering if there is a way to make a mask with some sort of built in 'fog machine' of sorts. A way that I can breath out a fog like vapor from the mouth of the mask that is safe to breath in.
I intend on making the mouth of the mask able to open and close by attaching the bottom jaw to my jaw to allow it to open when my mouth opens and close when it closes.
I already fairly certain that dry-ice is entirely out of the equation as breathing in the vapors produced can be harmful.

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grenoble2 months ago

On the same website Jeff-o listed below I did find another piezo atomizer transducer with high mist volume that is way above the one listed. The best feature about it is that you can connect the mist kit direct on the USB port because it is powered by 5V DC.The kit I received had the PCB Driver board, cable adapter and the 1 Piezo transducer. Excellent performance for such low power input.

jeff-o7 years ago
I found something else:

This is an ultrasonic transducer that causes ordinary drinking water to "nebulize" or turn to fog. It runs on 4V and draws 8W of power. This company sells some of its products on eBay, though I wasn't able to find this particular unit there.
darklord_avalon (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
wow, thanks. Both of those are really interesting.
The first, with the little fog guns is likely most interesting since it looks like I could find a way to control the creation/release of the fog.
the second with the ultrasonic thing... that sounds really interesting, though it seems like it wouldn't be cost effective. I will have to do some searching and see how much those cost and their effectiveness it might do what I'm wanting or it might just make me soggy heh.
I suppose the biggest difference is that one uses fog juice and the other uses ordinary water - which would you rather be inhaling all night?
jeff-o7 years ago
The fog machine that uses the fog juice need not be large. As caitlinsdad mentioned, they can fit one into a model locomotive. Here's another off-the-shelf product that uses fog juice:

You could tear apart one of these, or figure out how it works.
Arano7 years ago
why not go the most simple way and smoke ;)
lemonie7 years ago

Dry ice won't last long, you've poor control. Hot foggers need power and they're bulky.
Ultrasonic misting is another idea, but not easy.

caitlinsdad7 years ago
Other than a mini-smoke generator like the one out of a model railroad steam locomotive or having some kind of fog juice machine, best might be to create a puff of "smoke" or dust cloud. Somewhere I saw, take an ear syringe rubber bulb and fill it with cornstarch or talcum powder. Run some tubing up to it. Squeeze the bulb to get a puff of "smoke".

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, not the dangerous carbon monixide, but it still can suffocate you in large quantities.
darklord_avalon (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Hm the first one is an exceptionally interesting idea. I am unable to locate the locomotive you mentioned but I only just began looking.
Ah yes that's right, I remember that now. I think I may have been thinking of the fog-juice related fog perhaps not entirely sure really.
Being reminded of that, Dry Ice may actually be a viable method, I just need an appropriate way to contain the dry ice and a little bit of liquid to get the fog to really go. A small amount of the dry ice, and small amount of water should produce enough fog to look nice without causing any real issues. just need to figure out how I will attach it to the mask either on the front at the bottom jaw so it can just spill out and the fog will 'exhale' when I talk/breath over it, though that would force the mask to be pushed out from my face some. rambling already just have many ideas now that I need to mull about for a while.