How did you come across Instructables?

I remember when I was browsing the web about a year ago, I was searching for some things to make with K'nex. I found a few tanks, clocks, boats, cars, etc. Then I saw a picture of a gun, a K'nex gun. I clicked on it and it brought me here to Instructables, and I immediately fell in love with the site. So tell me, how did you stumble upon Instructables?

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kajjohnson6 years ago
Looking for ketchup recipes and bbq sauce recipes...spent all weekend on here
brainiac1206 years ago
looked 4 knex guns 1st couple results lead here added it to my favorites bar.
travw7 years ago
I was looking for little guns (Like out of pen tubes and stuff) to make, and accidentally found 'ibles. YAY FOR STUMBLING!
Same way you did.
ReCreate8 years ago
If i have not mistaken, It was an I'ble about night vision camera's, And A Hardrive speaker, When i first registered it was to post a comment, And i did not login until later on when the robot started spamming my mail with replies of comments, So i started Commenting more, Until i screwed gmail and simply visited here every day, I think the main thing that drew me here was to ask something about a digital picture frame made out of a PC.
Ah, I almost forgot! The #1 thing that made me come here and register was the view all steps on one page option!
Madrias3578 years ago
Stumbled over it on several occasions when looking up "Knex Gun" in Google Search and decided to bookmark the site. Became a member when I realized I could get All steps on One Page.
Tom Buckey8 years ago
I came across instructables when i searched knex ball machin on youtube and i watched Darth train mans project duex and at the end of the video it says instructions at instructables so i typed it in on google and it came up and it turns out its a necessity for me !
Ananand8 years ago
I sort of was obsessed with guns a few years ago (I still am) and googled "easy gun how to make" and up came the instructables site. I feel so lucky that I stumbled on such a necessity of life. Thank you O Great L Ron Hubbard(jk)
yourcat8 years ago
I have no clue. I just don't remember.
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