How did you find instructables?

Just leave a comment saying how you found out about instructables! Personally I found a video of lego guns on youtube, so I searched around for instructions and didn't find any. Then I realised I had k'nex too, so I searched for k'nex gun instructions and found instructables.

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super_me1 year ago

I saw it on an ebook on iPad, and I decided to look it up. After that, I thought it was a good website for instructions and was happy to find most things I wanted to know over here. So recently I decided to make an account!

-moonglade1 year ago

(That's how I found out about instructables) :)

-moonglade1 year ago

I forgot what I was looking for,but I did find whatever it was I was looking for on Instructables. I didn't sign up until just recently though.

I was looking for how to make a paper airplane and saw it on instructibles and made a account.

My brother showed it to me.

I was looking up some diy stuff and stumbled across it.

Yonatan242 years ago

Through GreattScott (YouTube)

my best friend showed it to me.

LindaBlyth2 years ago

Looking for word games and came across Lumosity site.Somehow, ended up on Instructables! It's a happy accident, and I have told some friends about the site,too!Thanks for all the fun!

Plo Koon4 years ago
Someone at my church introduced me to it.
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