How did you wind up with your current picture?

For example, I got my avatar by deciding to do something to the normal "no picture" picture. So I used GIMP to add a pasted picture of fire in another layer, did some strategic cutting, then used the Pen set on fade to add shadow behind our poor immolated bemowhawk'd "no picture" fellow. What did you do to arrive at yours?

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
Due to legal concerns, territorial disputes, copyright infringement, the involvement of the marines and the U.S. Department of Defence, I am not liable to discuss the means by which I've acquired my current avatar. However, my avatar describes me in every way. The Godzilla represents my imagination, my hopes, my dreams and my own little world, influenced by the entertainment industry and unique symbols that still live inside me, a token of my appreciation for those same icons who influenced my behavior and thoughts, and ultimately the company behind such icons that made me who i am today. The fact that the Godzilla is represented as a cartoon, talks about my innocence, that which makes me unique, I am forever a kid in my heart. I appreciate the simplest things in life, and am thankful to have such privileges that are only stuff of legends in other places. At the same time, my ambitions are presented, a future where I can enjoy my work, and unleash my creativity, presenting my soul, and ultimately my opinions on life. The City background is in flames. The flames are those things which are a threat to those who oppose me. My life is relaxed, nothing can make me fall, because like a sprouting plant, I do not try to challenge the wind, I simply go on with my life, defending those who cant protect themselves, and avoiding trouble. I can talk my way out of a fight, yet win at the same time. I am superior. I AM GODZILLA!!!! RAAAAAWWRR!!!!!!!!
That was deep, Keith.
Pancake!!!1 I are an lion!!! Moooooo!!!!! Pffffflllltttt. Neeeooooowwwww Meowwww Now Im a plane! Vroom vroom!!!!! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!! yeah, zoom zoom zoom......Pew!Pewpew!!!! Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tat-a-ta-tat-at-at-a-ta!!!! Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!! Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-Poof! Im dead! Drop.
That was deep, Keith.

Real deep.
I think all that deep thought just overloaded him, blew a fuse. :P
*Backs away*
You broke him!
It was him! *points to jar of cookies*
*Hides jar behind back* Cookies?
*Steals cookies; consumes; escapes in getaway car; next scene...*
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