How discover time travel... i think

Long story short, my friend found some instructions of how to create a time machine or something. The drawing looked kind of dirty so instead of keeping the drawing, she just took a photo of it. She showed me the photo, which turned out to be real blurry and crappy.

I posted the blurry photo up on this site, and someone commented that the original image is on a site called It's some weird $h!t. I emailed them but never received any word back as to who is behind this. But anyway I figured to post the instructions here because it does seem feasible.

The plan is basically this:
1. Choose a date, time and city. These 3 things are called Asiko. Let's use 01/01/09, Time Square NY, New York just for clarification purposes.
2. Popularize Asiko till step 5
3. Meet at Time Square on 01/01/09, and we should see a time traveler from the future
4. In the unknown future, a time machine will need to be invented. Still popularize Asiko,
5. When they figure out how to have "safe time travel", a traveler will be sent back to the popularized location and time of Asiko, which is Time Square, 01/01/09.

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If people in the future developed time travel, I think that one of the tiniest problems would be to figure out when and where to go back in time in order to impress people. Are they worried they won't make an impression? Meanwhile, another problem isn't when but where they will appear. Where are we located exactly? Longitude and latitude only make sense when earth is your reference. You will need some fixed point in the universe to be relative to and what the hell will that be?
darmstrong (author)  fungus amungus10 years ago
In Step 1 it says that the date, time and location (these 3 elements are called "Asiko") must be picked. And in Step 2, it says that Asiko must be popularized till Step 5. In Step 5, the folks in the future will know to send someone back to the right time, and location because of the popularization of Asiko.

If you are claiming that a cosmic GPS system would be needed for the coordinates of a city on Earth, I agree. But in the last step, it seems to address this issue, by saying we should leave the time traveling details up to the scientists in the future. Which I think makes perfect sense.
HamO darmstrong10 years ago
No, I'm claiming there is no fixed point in the universe.
NachoMahma HamO10 years ago
. Wouldn't where the Big Bang occurred be fixed? With everything expanding from that point? . Even if there is no Universal Benchmarker, it should be a trivial task (especially for a people that can TT) to calculate where Earth was, if you know where Earth is (and which direction it's headed, how fast, etc). Ppl in the future would have the advantage of knowing any perturbations that may have occurred (assuming that they are not so far in the future that records are lost).
darmstrong (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Yea i agree. If people can time travel I'm sure their math abilities are good enough to pin point locations in the universe.
HamO NachoMahma10 years ago
It is said/determined the universe is constantly expanding, and not at a constant rate and I believe scientists have been unable to determine the point of origin(center) of the universe.
Is there any fixed point in the universe? I believe there in lies one of the main/many issues/problems of time travel.
Andrew54610 years ago
seems to me this would be a whole lot more effective if there was a globally agreed-upon "Asiko". The way this lays it out, each person can have their own time and place. This could potentially mean hundreds if not thousands of 'Asikos' competing for future time travelers attention. If everyone was promoting one single time and place, it would be much more likely that this might actually work.
jtobako10 years ago
How to draw comic books/graphic novels are fine. How to write fiction is borderline but acceptable. Random fiction should go somewhere else-create your own blog or post on one of the writer's forums somewhere else. Let's keep instructables as a teaching site, OK?
LasVegas jtobako10 years ago
I don't see anything wrong with this in the forums section. My goodness! It's a whole lot closer to topic than some here (and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!
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