How do I block neighbors from stealing my wifi?

I am new, and this is my first forum question - hopefully I will post some instructables soon! My dsl speeds have become very slow in general and horrible at certain times of the day. Of course, this could be caused partly by the daily cycle of general usage in my area, however I suspect that some neighbors are piggybacking through my wifi and killing my bandwidth. One reason for this is that even when my computer is off my modem registers activity. Is there anyway to block this either mechanically or otherwise? One key is that we live in a house where there is only one possible direction that people could hijack from - everyone else is way to far away. (unless, of course, they have been hanging out on this site and are using collanders and coffee cans...) For mechanical, I was thinking some kind of directional metal shield. I don't know if this would work, though. (my computer is opposite from the other houses so it wouldn't block me.) Any advice, or instructable how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks! -btw, I wouldn't mind sharing if I didn't think it was killing my dl speeds....

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trebuchet0310 years ago
I don't broadcast my SSID -- and then I filter MAC addresses, only allowing my own ;) If I wanted to go even further -- I'd enable WEP (it's an older router, I don't have the fancy new stuff :p).
wep is fairly "crackable" but it would discourage the most novices that steal wireless.
how do i crack a wep ?
You really shouldn't.
why not?!
Because that would be stealing someone's wifi.
and what is wrong with stealing somthing when it is already in your house (the signal) and it is not like it cost them more
If you don't understand, just wait until someone pulls a gun on you and takes your wallet, then shoots you in the leg and beats you unconscious. After you get through your six months or so of physical therapy and rehad, you might possibly get a clue that stealing is wrong. If you don't, well, maybe it'll take multiple tries.
uhm that is not in their house, you cant read can you?
Cool. So go visit your friend the crack dealer, and when he robs and beats you in his house, think about how it isn't really stealing, since after all your money was already in his house, so that makes it his, right?
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