How do I create a "keyword" with embedded spaces

For instance, Eric's Book shelf instructable manages to have "book shelf" as one of the keywords, but in my Prime Rib instructable I could only figure out how to have "prime" and "rib" as separate keywords...

Kiteman6 years ago
Use quotation marks, "like this".
. Yep. Quotes'll do it.
ewilhelm6 years ago
prime rib, meat, I want to eat this, yummy, yummy in my tummy
Type it in like this: steak, meat, prime rib, blah, blah, blah As long as the two words are between commas, they'll show up together. :D
That's right, using the delimiter comma will "group" the words as one "unit" between the commas.
KentsOkay6 years ago
Underscore maybe?

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