How do I disinfect feathers?

How do I disinfect feathers?I collect found white feathers, from seagulls. I am hesitant to use them for my creative projects as I would like to know how to disinfect them. I worry that they may contain microscopic parasites, insects etc......Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

zascecs7 years ago
Put them in the microwave for a little bit; it'll the bacteria.
for how long and in anything?
The main parasite of birds are lice.

However, the lice found on birds are species specific, not only can they not live on you, they can not even live on a different species of bird.

Some birds can be infested with mites which can infest people, looks like scabies.

Having said that, the easiest thing would to be to stick them in a ziploc bag and freeze them for a couple of days

Alternately you can seal them in a ziploc with a container of damp rid, the resultant low humidity will kill them as well.
Oops google says bird lice can infect people, huh, the more you know......