How do I embed my Instructable on my website?

Hi all,

A while ago I was able to embed my Instructable on my website. However, I don't see that option anywhere anymore. Has this functionality been removed? 


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ewilhelm6 years ago
We are currently in the process of upgrading this feature. If you want to access the current embed tool, just add ?embed=flash to the end of your Instructable url like this:
This doesn't appear to be working for me..
Did this feature ever get upgraded? I'd love to be able to embed my 'ibles properly.
When editing an Instructable there's an embed button that will let you host a variety if formats.
mikeasaurus, can you post a snapshot? I can't find embed anywhere. Do you have to be in Pro?
I misread the original question. Please see ewilhelm's answer above. That should work if you're permitted to embed flash on your site.
I think Mike has mistaken your question; there are ways to embed things in your Instructable write-up, but I do not think there is a way to embed your Instructable elsewhere.
may be we still have to work with just links which post people back to instructables than embed

How do I find my Instructables URL that I can share with others without them having to login with my password?

MrRedBeard4 years ago