How do I get Notepad up?

Okay. So apparently, my school has figured out how to keep you from deleting the source from web pages so you can use the empty source thing as notepad. Does anyone know any other way to get notepad up? The regular notepad program is blocked too.

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DamianA211 year ago

Recently they blocked pretty much every way of achieving notepad, but there is one way I figured out my self. But your operating system must be Windows 7, you'll also need Internet Explorer and your personal own harddrive. First open up IE (internet explorer) then goto images and find any image it doesn't matter. Right click the images you've selected and choose 'Save As', once that's done it should open another tab asking where you want to place the file, if not look for the downloads folder. Click on computer on the left of the folder then save it into your harddrive. Once all that's done close everything down. Go to the folder where you saved the image (on your harddrive) then just click on it once (DONT OPEN IT) at the top of the folder menu pop up there should be a tab with lots of selections on it and one should say organise, click on it and choose 'Open with...' Then from the selections you get choose 'WordPad' when the WordPad file opens delete everything that's in there. Goto 'File' (on WordPad) then 'Save As' and rename it to notepad don't change the . part, example - download.mp3 (Do not in any way change the .mp3, changing it to .txt might also work but I wouldn't do it. Hope this helped.

110100101109 years ago
why are they so screwed about notepad ?
notepad makes batch files. batch files equal some control over school computers. eg. Take out the source(notepad) and have less worries...
then use word :) or download a txt file with explorer and click open with
mbudde (author)  spiker9 years ago
Yeah, thats pretty much it. Some kids figured out how to do this a while ago and got caught. They were morons though and they told everyone about it.
Doctor What9 years ago
You can save a wordpad document on your desktop called notepad, then, after saving, rename it to notepad.txt. Boom! Notepad. Or, at least that's what Sowders showed me.
mbudde (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
Okay then. Thanks.
Padlock9 years ago
Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 (On your computer) and copy notepad.exe onto a flashdrive/floppy, and then just pop it in at school, and open it.
mbudde (author)  Padlock9 years ago
whatsisface9 years ago
Open word Type notepad.exe File->Save as Select the file type as text save it as notepad.bat If you need to, rename it in windows explorer Double click it.
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