How do I get rid of ads?

How do I get rid of the "Ads by Google" window that blocks 1/2 of the images. I see no way to close it.

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KnexFreek7 years ago
 by going pro!
How man, look at BonemanX3's comments.

what did I say?!
 Haha! Oops! 

LoneWolf7 years ago
Just so you know, this was posted three years ago.
We can all see that, why are you commenting to someone that they posted this when they did?
You meant to reply to kNeXFreek ?


 LOL i didnt look at the date!  :)
Whoops!!! Sorry, you're right, I did mean to reply to kNeXFreek's comment.
dan10 years ago
i dont think the ads should be blocking any content, if so then it sounds like a bug. could you enter it in Contribute->Submit Bugs, and if possible put a screenshot? Also I think only Firefox and IE browsers (maybe safari?) are supported, there are lots of layout problems with other browsers.
zachninme dan10 years ago
I didn't think even IE was supported...
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