How do I know if I made it into the judging or not?

I entered into the Halloween Contest but how do I know if I made it into the Judging stage, and how do I know how many votes I got?


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ThawedHead8 years ago
This must be the most reloaded page in Instructables history.
This is, with 1,333,832 views so far...
Well, that's just pitiful!  Are there that many people who haven't mastered that?  ;)

(hmmm.  Maybe I could use some pointers...)
Lextone8 years ago
So when are they going to announce the winners?
It usually seems to take a day or two after judging for them to announce. 
ah....thanks....good luck with your entry!
Thanks, you too!
Kiteman8 years ago
You should get an email about the judging stage.

As for votes, you can get an idea of the relative number by the rank of your ible - looking at your "you" page, your rank is currently 183.
PyroMan99 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
OK Thanks,

One question, I see my rank (183) but what does this mean? Is this a good rank or bad rank. What does it represent? , and what does "ible" mean?

"ible" is a short form of "instructable".

Your rank is the same as position - you are currently 183rd.

(Not good.)
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