How Do I Make Good Cage Accesories For A Guinea Pig?

I'm getting a new guinea pig and I want to make him feel at home so I want some ideas for the cage so if anyone has a good suggestion please message me or give me a comment. Please send pictures if possible. I want good and creative ideas. Oh, and if anyone has names please help out with that too!!! Thank you!

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my girls love paper towel rolls paper balls paperbags bird toys that are wood and bells and spools and pvc pipe mazes use really big ones tho 2 piggies should fit in them but youll need to clean them or petco has cardboard tubes
spudling9 (author)  o0doll_face0o8 years ago
mine goes nutto for those bird toys!! XD
spudling9 (author)  o0doll_face0o8 years ago
nice. Thanks!! =)
Doctor What8 years ago
I'm not sure. Howabout a hammock?
spudling9 (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
not a bad idea actually.
A nice outdoor run is nice. Also, if you cant catch your guinea pig...
spudling9 (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
I've already made that. =)

it's really cool.