How do I make money over the internet?

Hi everybody, Does anyone know a easy way of making money over the internet? My parents hardly give me any money and I need a easy way to make money so I can do more projects... I do not have a easy access to the outside world to make money because I am homeschooled, but I do have very easy access to the internet and want to know how to make money over the internet. Also, I am 15 years old... Thanks...

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mercuryqiqi4 years ago
Wow, It's nice to see this article, because I have been looking for information about making money over the internet. Timely!
Brennn109 years ago
I am a member of, and you take surveys for points. I almost have 3000 points, and at that point I can redeem it for a $30 check. Every 1000 points is $10.00.
Plasmana (author)  Brennn109 years ago
Thanks Brennn10, unfortunately I am British, and only American residents can join the MySurvey... :( is similar and is international
and my referral link is
I've heard of that site before! :D
Plasmana (author)  firemanfu9 years ago
Thanks, I will talk to my dad about that...
no problem
Have you gotten paid at all from them yet?
Well I have not requested to be paid. I am hoping to reach 3000 and redeem the check. If I wanted to redeem a $20 check, I could. Their system isn't automatic, so you can request when you want to get paid.
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