How do I tag a photo so that the yellow text box shows up

so when i upload a picture, how do i tag specific areas of that image so that when scrolling the cursor over the yellow box, additional text appears?

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aeromancy9 years ago
When you are on the page to edit your Instructable, you select an image from your library and click "add". A larger image will now be displayed below the text input box. To get the yellow tag, you simply drag your mouse anywhere in the larger image. You will then see a white box appear, in which you enter your text.
I tried this, but once I entered the text, I couldn't figure out how to save it and exit the text box!
There should be a save tab.  Unless you are using the Chrome browser? 
schnurrbart (author)  aeromancy9 years ago
thanks a lot
WHen I try to do that, it just drags the picture. Is there a way to fix this?
ldchev9 years ago
I spent about two days trying to figure this out. I finally hit on it by chance. It was my last result and it worked for me. Hahaha.