How do I test this PSU?

I had got this PSU for free from PC world, the guy who gave this to me does not know if it works or not...

This is my first PSU, I never used one before...

So I am asking you how to test this PSU. I hear they have safety wires that must be connected to another wire or something - I don't know...

I hope you can help me... Thanks!

Yay! My PSU works :-)

Thank you all who helped me!

And even better, I do not need to use a power resistor to keep the PSU on!

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Plasmana (author) 9 years ago
Then why does mine work without it?
It will work without it but its not good for it, like a car running without oil, it will go for a while and then...
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric9 years ago
Oh, okay, than I will add a load resistor on the 5v line.

I am going to use an 10Ω 5 watt resistor because:
5V ÷ 10R = 0.5I
5V x 0.5I = 2.5W
Using a 10Ω resistor across the 5v line will waste 0.5A or 2.5 watts of electricity.
Oh, Then the 10W 100ohm that i scavenged out of a emergency exit sign is too big?
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric9 years ago
No, the higher wattage is not a problem, it just saves space and money (if you are going to buy one).
Oh, When I put it on the 12v line it gets hot, but on the 5 volt, it rarely does anything
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric9 years ago

12V ÷ 10R = 1.2I


12V x 1.2I = 14.4W

You were overloading the resistor on the 12 volt line, 14.4 watts was going through the 10 ohm resistor.
Okay.... I modded it and now the PSU turns on for a second then turns off, Troubleshooting time :-(
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric9 years ago
What did you do?
I just unsoldered the output wires and put in some other connectors,last time i tried it, it didn't turn on at all ;-(
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