How do I track internet usage? Help Protect A 12 Year Old

So I'm not completely ignorant when it comes to computers but i'm far from a "geek". Wondering if any of out there knows a way to track a computers internet usage outside of viewing the history and without purchasing software. Trying to help out a friend who's daughter is pontentially viewing websites and chats that are not appropriate for a 12 year old. The daughter is well aware of how to delete histories and cookies therefore its not as easier as viewing the history. Is there any way to automatically copy the history to a hidden folder that won't be deleted when her daughter deletes the history? Would really appreciate any help here.

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Labot20019 years ago
Windows Vista has some heavy-duty stuff for monitoring internet usage... Do you have Vista?
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Kiteman9 years ago
We have found that the simplest thing to do is to keep the PC in the living room - the simple proximity of other family members is enough to keep anybody on appropriate pages.
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Do the kids have a tendency to look at pr0n?
I don't think the issue is if they look at a little porn, because they will, and it's normally curiosity, and it normally won't become a serious safety issue just looking at a bit of porn, but there is other people out there who will try and get them to do thing they shouldn't do, people lurking in chat rooms, on MSN , etc... And being a young teen girl that makes them a very large target for predators, who will tell them all sorts of lies, even go as far as mailing them gifts in attempts to lure them into a situation they can't control.....
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