How do i attach a scope to a gun?

the scope is the back thing besides the pump and it needs to go on to of the PVC somewhat lifted, whats the best way to do it. Some minor adjustablity would be nice so I could calibrate it time to time.

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snakeblack811 years ago
if you like potato guns than you will love this
I don't know about attaching the scope, because it is not a real rifle, but as for the calibration, the two large black knobs on the scope, (there is one on the top and one on the side), have caps that pop off, and under that is a groove that can be turned for windage and elevation
omg scopes are adjustable??!! lol, i would suggest mounting the scope mounts on a larger diameter pipe, cut the ends up like a... fan...?, slide it on the barrel with lots of glue, and clap the ends of the large pipe to the barrel temporarily till the glue dries
P.S. the scope mount should be solid and unmoving, and for additional help on calibration go to,
kentek11 years ago
Another idea would be to use a 'red-dot' scope in place of the type you have chosen. The difference is huge. Instead of trying to get your target in the cross-hairs you simply put the 'red-dot' on the target. The mounting issues are exactly the same. The pros are that you pick up the target with a red-dot almost instantly. Even if your head/eye is off kilter, where-ever the red-dot points is what you hit. Cons: you have to spend more money. I think I've seen them for as low as $25/$30. Only real good for up to 50 yards. I have one on my BuckMark 22. At 50 yards I can cut a picture.
sleepwalker0 (author) 11 years ago
Ok then thanks, anybody have any idea on easiest way to attach it?
Unfortunately there is no "easy way to attach it, but you could go to a sporting goods store and buy some scope rings fairly cheap, and as for attaching the scope rings to the gun try metal pipe clamps.

and as i said earlier the scope itself should not move at all
Make spacers out of pvc, round the ends so you get a decent glue joint to the "gun" attach the scope to the spacers with either cable ties or pipe clamps. To round the ends of the spacers, tape a piece of coarse sandpaper to an identical diameter pipe, now spend some time scrubbing the spacer back and forth.
Oh yeah and for the scope side of the spacer, just use a v notch.
kentek11 years ago
If you want to spend some buck$ go to a sporting good store that carries rifles and other gun stuff. They sell scope rings in various shapes and sizes. You need to measure the diameter of the scope barrel. Attaching the rings to your PVC material may be more difficult. Maybe you could use screw clamps, the ones that you screw to tighten. You could epoxy a spacer to the gun with a space for the clamp to pass through.