How do i charge this type of battery?

This a pic of a similar battery that I picked up at fry except mine is a 12v now how the f do i charge this thing the guys at FRY were about as helpful as a kid with down syndrom working on the assembly line at the cheeto factory.

Picture of How do i charge this type of battery?
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12V8 years ago
you didn't say it's capacity gel cel 2.1ah 200ma for about 12hours (13.5v) 4ah 400ma 6ah 600ma 7.2ah 720ma lead acid (sealed)or (valve regulated lead-acid type) 2.1ah 500ma for about 6hours (13.8-15v) 4ah 1000mA (1A) 6ah 1500ma (1.5A) or 1000ma for 9 hours 7.2ah 1500ma 61/2-7hours or 1000mafor 91/2hours.
lemonie10 years ago
Can you monitor current? If it's a lead-acid you can put a fair amount through it with no problem. However, you'd need more than 12V. I don't see vents on this, which isn't right for lead-acid... L
. I think what he has is called a lead "gel cell" (probably a more accurate word/phrase for them, but I'm not much on batteries). I have similar, but larger, batteries in my UPS. Have a "pregnant" one next to my desk, but all it says is "sealed maintenance-free rechargable battery" with a Pb recycling symbol. Also has a 'flush with water at once ... electrolyte (acid)' warning.
Methinks the term you're looking for is "Sealed Lead-Acid."
. A quick search of the 'Net tells me the terms are synonymous (or maybe gels are a type of SLA), but Sealed Lead-Acid seems to be more correct (or at least more popular). Thanks. . My pregnant battery is well sealed. It is very swollen, but no leaks. Need to get rid of that thing.
Interesting, but charging always produces hydrogen (and corrosive acid mist) - do the gel types absorb this or (what)? L
askvictor lemonie10 years ago
Gel cell and sealed lead acid (SLA) are synonymous. They use a gel as the electrolyte (cf car batteries which use a liquid sulfuric acid solution). Normal charging does not cause electrolysis (hydrogen formation). Over charging, however, does lead (pardon the pun) to this, which is why there are hidden vents in SLA batteries to release the gas. Once this has happened the battery will continue working, though with a reduced capacity due to there being less electrolyte (and it's chemistry altered). There's some good info here:
. Not sure. But judging by the heavy-duty case construction of the battery next to my desk, they can handle the pressure. The case is bulging (very badly, almost didn't get it out of the UPS) but intact.
iathon (author) 10 years ago
So i have a trickle charger any idea?
smoke iathon10 years ago
Red is positive, back is negative, hook it up and if it gets to hot or starts to swell shut it down.
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