How do i get my prizes if i win anything?

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jacco19977 years ago
I just got my t-shirt, stickers, etc. in the mail today. I got the same little foam robot and the plastic one. Does anyone have an idea of what the foam one is meant to be?

I got a shirt and two stickers. Isn't there like a pro membership with it?

Hello thread necromancer! :P

Yes, the pro membership will be given to you via a private message on Instructables. You can redeem it in your account settings. It takes a while to receive the message, but if it takes an unreasonably long amount of time, send an email to and they can fix it up for you!

Good luck!

Is it a one year membership, or a 3 month membership?

It's a three-month membership for being featured. You get one-year memberships from winning contests or completing other community achievements.

I dunno. At first I thought that it was the head to the plastic figure but the hole in the foam runs through the arms of the foam so it would be mounted sideways. I am trying to figure out if the plastic figure has a shrunken head or if that is a peg to mount the head. I don't think they were 3-d printer or lasercut samples.
When I first looked at it I thought it was an eraser. Then the foam and the hole in it confused me. Possibly it's just a little random thing that signifies your awesomeness for winning.
jequgo6 years ago
Can i still win if im not from the us?
Yes when you go to the contest page you can see on the bottom if its written international entries are eligible then yes you can enter the contest and win prizes!
lord_kian6 years ago
Hi i want to ask how is the international shipping process?
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