How do i open a flood light

I have a 120v burned out philips 90 watt flood halogen light i noticed that the top has some sort of glue that holds it together the lens(top)is glued the the bottom is there any way i can like melt the glue to take the lens off? i want to put some led's in there so that i can reuse it i want to reuse the reflector and put led's in it thanks and please reply

ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
i don't know
ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
I had the same problem. I tried everything except brute force. Now I don't know what Philips uses for glue but the cheap chinese bulb I had eventually released the front lens after a strong "no matter what"-type hammer punch in a screwdriver inserted from the bulb's rear side. I was sure I'll break the lens but to my surprise it came out intact. It's risky, anyway. Broken glass shards may come out flying in all directions.
ReCreate (author)  claudiopolis8 years ago
darn maybe i can just disintegrate the front lens my giving it a good whack with a hammer