How do you add favorites?

This may sound REALLY STUPID, but how on earth do you add things to favorites( I'm VERY new).

Geordiepom9 years ago
From a usability point of view I have to say that theophilus has a point. Not that I want to criticise my favourite site buuut... a more intuitive location might be on the sidebar next to the "Rate Stars".
theophilus (author) 9 years ago
thanks, I kinda relized that about 2 hours after I entered this, but I didn't know where exactly on the page it was, so thanks for saving me 30 sec. of looking:)
ll.139 years ago
At the bottom of the Instructable, above the comments, there's a bar with: Email, Print, Favourite, (and Flag) jut click favourite!

-and then you can view them @