How do you claim prizes?

How do you claim an instructable prize. What is the process, i filled in the form with address and stuff  (exept for state, since I'm in england) but it said it will be processed. What comes after that?

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
After you complete the form we send you and send it back in it sits in our shipping queue. There are a number of criteria to consider, such as how many winners there were, how many winners have yet to send in their information, if the prizes awarded are coming from us or external sponsors, etc.

We review the shipping queue and compare with what prizes we have on hand, then batch process a whole bunch of prizes together and call up the shipping guys to come grab it all. We try to process the orders with little downtime as possible, but sometimes things like getting prizes from sponsors are out of our control.

I recommend waiting about a month or so to receive your prize. If you haven't heard anything by then feel free to PM the staff member who hosted the contest (or anyone on the about page) for an update. 
vanweb5 years ago
You wait... and wait... then one day you will get a knock on the door from a uniformed man with a package.. and most likey (since you are in england) he will want some money (duty, taxes, etc) once you pay him you will have your prize!

I am in Canada and I was lucky enough to win the Holiday contest. I had to pay 13% Canadian Tax on the value of my prize (MacBook Pro) which came to over $300! but it was worth every penny! The laptop is great!

I do worry though if I win something like the $50,000 3D Printer what I would do... as the taxes would be over $6,000!
makendo vanweb5 years ago
I've never paid tax on instructables prizes (I'm also in Canada). That is a real bummer - I wonder if there is some value at which this kicks in? Got charged nothing for an iPad.
vanweb makendo5 years ago
Strange.. I actually looked it up on Revenue Canadas site to see if there was any exemptions.. and it says you have to pay tax on all prizes. Was your win recent? maybe since Instructables is now corporate that they label / ship different which makes the border people look closer at the package...
makendo vanweb5 years ago
Got the iPad last November; won things in about 6 other contests in 2010-1; no tax for any of them, regardless of whether the prize came from instructables or from a sponsor. On the other hand, anything I *pay* for from the US generates a tax charge which is roughly equivalent to HST.
How long do you wait?
My Instructable was announced as the Winner on Feb 2nd and I received my Prize on March 2nd. I am in Canada, other places and or contests may vary....