How do you describe Instructables?

Could everyone help us out in a huge way by answering one question for us? How do you describe Instructables to your friends? Thanks in advance for your input and honesty!

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TheCheese992110 years ago
Most my freinds aren't into this stuff but to the few that are I just say "Imagine all the nerds from every high school across the world on one site, then add into that all the people who are grown up nerds... and the knex kids"
I don't know about nerds.....geeks maybe ;-) Geeks have prowess, nerds are normally socially awkward, etc.
Agreed. I'm offended by "nerd", but not by "geek" :P
(It takes a geek to understand that :P)
Then again, sometimes ADJ+geek doesn't sound as good as ADJ+nerd, in that case I can accept ADJ+nerd. (i.e., although it doesn't apply to me yet hopefully... "MIT Geek" sounds funny, but "MIT Nerd" is a bit better, due to an alliteration-type thing... Mm nn, close enough)
Test: do you own a "pocket protector" LOL Besides, there is a candy by the name of Nerds.... ;-)
No, I don't. I hate the shirts with the pocket there... I think we went over this already :P (maybe that was Kiteman...)
Ah, before "my time" (here) LOL I am normally (75% of the time) in a "dress shirt" of sorts. I hate pen leaks on my white shirts LOL
What about caps?
I use pencils mostly for school, as you need them for Math, and I'm carrying it around anyway, so why make my load any heavier? :P
I do love nice pens though... ones with incredibly fine tips.

I'm normally (99% of the time, except dressy/formal occasions) in just a plain solid-colored T-shirt, (longsleeved in winter). I'm so bland, but I don't mind :P

Cyber-high-five for utilitarian clothing! Do you complement the t-shirt with a pair of jeans, too?
*cyber-high-five* Jeans - no. I actually can't stand 'em. I wear kacki-like (sp) shorts/pants depending on the time of year.
*cyber pound-it* I'm totally with you on that one.
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