How do you kill time?

What do you do when you've got time to kill?

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PKM8 years ago
I ask knoxarama to do it for me with a molecule of Caesar's last breath and a single fly's hair.

Or read Instructables :)
And he says: "Well just assume Caesar had Malaria and infect the person with it, then cut them open and insert the fly's hair into them and they'll bleed out and since you're using both items it doesn't matter what else you use because technically it's the fly's hair that does him in, never mind the fact that he's bleeding out." :D
XD That made me laugh out loud.
I kill young ferns.

lemonie8 years ago
I suppose if you beat time for long enough you'd end up killing it?

yourcat8 years ago
Walk around in circles and design something. (I think better when I'm walking.)
n8man8 years ago
Personally, I make it go faster than the speed of light and watch space start warping.
No kelseymh, I do not care about the scientific validity of that statement, yes I am sure.
kelseymh n8man8 years ago
:-) I presume you saw my own comment on the subject. Yours is equally valid ;->
But if he's moving at the speed of light wouldn't time not be moving for him?
Doctor What8 years ago
I usually pass the time by killing small dogs, or big dogs, depending on the current selection. Preferred method: toothpicks. It can be quite the challenge.
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