How do you make a haunted house dusty like in the movies?

How do you make a haunted house dusty like in the movies? So that everything looks like it's been there for years. I was guessing that they use a burlap sack full or flour and pigments and toss it about, but does anyone have other ideas? My friend wants to make an authentic looking haunted house.

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krabiz1235 years ago
grey cement ,beach sand.
Toga_Dan5 years ago
baking soda? charcoal powder?
flour,sand,and crushed chalk combined
Goodhart9 years ago
Yes, the chalk might be more work, but you can probably get shades of grey or light blue that would look a lot like dust.
If you have to get a lot of it airborne in order to have it settle naturally, wear a filter mask (especially if using talcum powder).
Yeah, I think gray chalk would be the best bet. :D I also second the mask bit.
110100101109 years ago
Angle grinder Piece of concrete Dust mask and dust tight safety goggles
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Flour is likely to attract insects and other undesirables. I'd try something like talcum powder or ground chalk.
goosezilla (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Ah, great idea! That' much better than flour.
i think thats too white needs to be more gray i don't know if they make nonbleached talcum power but that would be best if its a good color