How do you make your own cream of coconut?

Hey all!

I live in provincial France, where it is virtually impossible to find Coco Lopez for piña coladas and other uses. I've tried several times to concoct my own, using sugar/corn syrup/other sweetener in combination with coconut milk, creamed coconut, and processed fresh coconut, but I am not getting satisfactory results. I can usually tweak the mixed piña to make it acceptable if it is drunk right away, but now I'm faced with the need to get my hands on some cream of coconut for a coconut cake recipe I'd like to try out.

IMPORTANT:  I need to know how to make the equivalent of Coco Lopez, which is "cream of coconut" and is not the same as coconut cream or creamed coconut.

If anyone knows the secret, please share! Even for people who can buy Coco Lopez whenever they want, it would be fun to have a DIY version of this tasty product using fresh (or at least, not so highly processed) ingredients with no weird additives.


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Hasanx2 years ago

Is this for drinks or a cake? Fresh grated coconut and coconut milk/cream is better for a coconut cake.

Toga_Dan2 years ago

First, the coconut must be lactating, otherwise you can milk it all day to no avail...

YOU are a REAL,BONA FIDE COCONUT, Toga_NUT! I don't believe I've EVER heard of a nut/ fruit/seed OR veg that LACTATES!!


Moem Toga_Dan2 years ago


You had me at 'lactating'. And that's not a sentence I ever expected to type.

Lov2Cook2 years ago

Oh MY...the list of thickeners and additives is QUITE long!!! Read the can, compadre! This is no simple process. I'm really almost HAPPY 'bout I could eat the whole darn can!!

cindalou4 years ago
I know this thread is old....but here's what I've done in the past. Get the best canned coconut cream you can find - it should be thick and white (I prefer Thai brands when given the option). Reduce by half on the stove -keep it to a low simmer, stirring will foam up if you're not careful. Once it's cooked down, dissolve either 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup (sorry, can't remember which!) white sugar in it. The end result should be thick and syrupy....kept in the fridge, it should last for a couple of weeks.

Ironically we had to come up with this while in Fiji, where there are coconuts aplenty. For our bar on the boat we preferred to have a pre-sweetened, easy-to-use product for pina coladas, and this worked very well. Good luck!

Cindalou, you are my newest heroine!

THANKS a 10^6th!!!

Camille (in Israel, where they don't have Cream of Coconut, and I'm desperate!)

Coconut extract, sugar, and vodca.

In a blender put 26 oz vodca.

Add 1 cup white sugar and blend untill all the sugar is disolved.

Slowly add coconut extract about 1/2 teaspoon
CherryPie (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
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