How does this effect happen?

Ok now on a night out all the photos were taken with a friends camera, now it had a very strange effect on eyes, see the picture, both her and I have brown eyes, how exactly do we end up with blue? Almost all the photos it takes do this, no problems with anything at all but eyes, even glasses and windows come out normally but the eyes...

Picture of How does this effect happen?
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rae29 years ago
Couple of thoughts... check the white balance setting - some digital cameras have a "flash" setting which reduces the amount of blue registered by the CCD. Also, you both seem to be wearing blue shirts - with your flash being a little "hot" (too much flash - it's blowing out the skin tones) your eyes might be picking up some diffuse reflection off your clothing. Nice snapshot - need to Photoshop out the pole though.
Flumpkins rae29 years ago
Nice snapshot - need to Photoshop out the pole though.

That's a bit random, but hilarious and amusing at the same time! I don't know why.
I second that.
Cool! XD
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Was it just a coincidense that you wrote Rock On, and I only saw it today, after watching the movie Rock On?
Have you seen it?
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