How fast is your internet ?

I just want to know please go to and post your results

download: 3089 Mb/s
upload: 547 Kb/s
ISP: Cebridge Connections

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Mine sucks where i live
DL= 5489kb/s

Its only DSL though.
My speed test results are,

Downloading speed - 1010Kbps

Uploading speed- 456Kbps..

I performed my internet speed test here .
Is this good or not?
Punkguyta9 years ago
My connection is about 5mb upload, 768k upload. It's rather crummy, and totally unstable. My line is such crap that my isp actually has the speed set to well over 18mbit on their side, but by the time it reaches me, it fluctuates a lot.
Derin9 years ago
not nice,but my dad was downloading stuff at the time
bumpus9 years ago
Tee hee
upload speed.JPG
But this is working from the london server about 70-80 miles away
Mine is from a server 600 miles away...
Want proof my internet sucks lol?
hehe, On the upside, your upload is better than mine... and I tried a different pyramid:
this one!.JPG
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