How is a toy like this called in English?

How is the toy in the pictures called in English? The figures collapse or bow when a button in the base is pushed in. There's no real name for them in Dutch...

Any advice on how I should call these in my upcoming Instructable?

Picture of How is a toy like this called in English?
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ElmarM4 years ago
It's called a Push-Up-Puppet or Push-Up-Toy
kelseymh ElmarM4 years ago
And I think you win! Here's a confirming Web site (for the OP):
ElmarM kelseymh4 years ago
I guess that is my one good deed for the day. Glad. To help.
ynze (author)  ElmarM4 years ago
Push Puppet it is! Thanks!
tired7772 years ago

I think in the toy industry, they would most likely give it a specific name like Jack in the Box or Wobbles the Donkey.

Mr Fuxit3 years ago

You asked "How is the toy in the picture called in English?"

We English would say "WHAT do you call the toy in the picture...?"

You asked " should I call these...?

We would say"...WHAT should I call these...?

I think its push up puppet
vincent75204 years ago
Don't think of any word in French either … 
kelseymh4 years ago
I did a Google search using different keywords, and eventually came up with this. Note in particular the "image" results partway down the page. So I think "dancing hand doll" is as good a name as any.
Kiteman4 years ago
They don't really have a name in English, either.

Personally, I would call it a Collapsing Donkey toy.
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