How is everyone finding the January challenge?

Hey guys, 

I know we all kind of talk a bit on 365 but I was wondering how everyone else is finding the photo a day here?

I've been loving the photography aspect of it, it's been driving me to take more interesting photos and I've found myself getting excited about my photo for the day... 

I've been really enjoying the 365 community so much as well, it's full of great commenters and so many amazing photographers. 

Y'all much to say on finding a photo a day? 

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Yaaaay!  I'm so glad you've really enjoyed it, and I'm glad to see the responses in this thread!

My desktop computer failed, so I haven't been able to keep track and comment as much as I would have liked to over the past week and a half.  My camera is full of pictures which have yet to be uploaded, but on the bright side, I have a brand spankin' new computer now and will soon be back on track for patches and what-not.  365 seems to have worked well for everyone despite initial misgivings about relocating, and I've been VERY impressed with how well the challenge was received.  I honestly thought I might be the only one participating.  I'm very relieved that I was wrong.

If everyone's still enthusiastic, I would like to have it continue with a March Challenge.  There might be a different kind of challenge for February since it's already the 4th, but I hope everyone will continue taking a photo-a-day throughout the month.  If anyone has any good ideas for a February Challenge, I'm open to suggestions.
killerjackalope (author)  AngryRedhead6 years ago
I'm sticking on with the 365 so I'll be doing a photo a day anyway... It's been really good and I'm glad you told us all about it...

Umm we could write something a day? One epic laser battle a day?
LoneWolf6 years ago
I'm definitly gonna have to try this =)
killerjackalope (author)  LoneWolf6 years ago
Catch me on 365, killerjackalope there too, there are a fair few 'ibler on it, angryreadhead, kiteman, brittliv, depotdevoid, the list goes on, also the communities friendly and interesting.
Awesome, though I need to get an SD card for my camera first.
BrittLiv6 years ago
Yeah I made it, I've just uploaded the last picture.
killerjackalope (author)  BrittLiv6 years ago
Awesome, loving the lab shot you uploaded, all those glass tubes...

Just about to get a photo up for yesterday...
thanks, I can't keep up with your pictures though. This was a fun experience!
killerjackalope (author)  BrittLiv6 years ago
How. I can still only add one a day as well?
I meant in terms of quality, not quantity...
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