How is that switch called in english?

Hello everyone, for my instructable I need to know how that switch is called in english. Thank you for helping! Mischka

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sidgupta5 years ago
This is an SPDT micro switch
Goodhart5 years ago
It appears to be a microswitch, of the momentary on (momentary on on one side, normally open on the other) type with a roller arm on it.
gmoon5 years ago
This type of switch, with or without the roller, is often referred to as a micro switch...
iceng gmoon5 years ago
Three pole micro switch with (and hear the maker calls the roller whatever they want)
Yes. i think that your comments is true but If you are using a switch without the roller,"lever arm switch" would be correct. Here's a Web page from a company which sells them: "

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Orngrimm5 years ago
In switzerland we also use the english word for them: Micro-switch.
Stupidly, if it is the big brother (in geometrical termes) of the micro-switch, we simple call them "Grosser mikro-schalter" --> "Big micro-switch". Stupid but true :)
mischka (author) 5 years ago
Kelseymh and gmoon, thank you for your comment.
kelseymh5 years ago
You're most likely to find it using the full name, roller lever arm switch, though it may also be abbrevated to just "roller switch."

Roller switches are commonly used as limit switches (e.g., for opening or closing a door or gate). They are typically momentary-contact switches, and may be wired as either normally open or normally closed (hence the three pins you see) depending on the application.

You should be able to get it at any electronics shop (even RadioShack, way in the back behind the cell phones) or even a hardware store with a decent electrical supplies section.
mischka (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Thank you very much for the response. I only needed the name for my instructable. What is the name without the roller just "lever arm switch"? Thanks again! Mischka
Yes. If you are using a switch without the roller, "lever arm switch" would be correct. Here's a Web page from a company which sells them: