How is this is going to work?

Well, I guess once we have enough members, we will go to every instructable once, and go through all comments to check for the right spelling. Any other things, we should know about?

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DJ Radio9 years ago
if the grammar police talk to me, i will bash them with misspellings and incorrect punctuation
How would that be out of the ordinary?
that was a joke, ok?
skunkbait9 years ago
I say keep it fun! There are people on this site for whom English is a second (or third) language. There are some younger kids that need to develope better grammar habits. There are a few of us long-winded guys that can't help but write in run-on sentences, and us slow guys whu spel pourly, and a few of us ain't got real good grammar. Just be polite in the way you approach it. There's no point in running-off an up-and-coming iBler for a few typos!
i second that motion!
Owenmon fwjs288 years ago
I second that motion. =P
fwjs28 Owenmon8 years ago does that mean you gramatically second the motion and so i have to third the motion, or do i re-second the motion, automatically making you third the motion? :P
Owenmon fwjs288 years ago
(slaps forehead) I was correcting your grammar. =P
fwjs28 Owenmon8 years ago
i you wish to third the motion?
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