How long do you keep your knex guns?

How long do you keep your guns? Me? A week at most. You?

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SumRndmGuy5 years ago
i keep mine for about a month, once i build and get sick of them i mod them, when i get sick of modding, they get broken and turned into a new gun =)...
oodalumps6 years ago
Between 2-5 years.
sprout_less6 years ago
Months if they are any good. I have a had a Zak single shot for a year.
bhuty6 years ago
i keep mine untill i have so many i dont use them, but even the i just put them in my cupboard
The Jamalam8 years ago
Usually a week to 3 months. Currently I have a tjastr2, a killer~safecracker oodammo pistol (can't remember the name) and a prototype slide action slingshot.
Pics of slide action slingshot and TJastr2?
depends on the gun, I had the FSSR from june until september I think but I never have the same gun for long, I am always modifing my guns to make them better
travw8 years ago
ive had a ksayer ever sence it came out
That's almost a year!
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