How long have you waited for your wife?

Has anybody ever calculated how much of their life (to the nearest year) they have spent waiting for their wife to finish shopping, get off the phone, get ready to go out etc.?

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lemonie6 years ago
That wife deserves a "slap", for being as you say so "absolutely dozy", not a patch.

caarntedd (author) 6 years ago
Sorry to hear about your plight, but maybe you should post another topic instead of hijacking mine.
I was asking for comments from other husbands in the same situation as I am with my wife, whom I love and care for very much. I was having a joke at her (and my own) expense. I wasn't posting a topic about deadbeat dads.
Don't complain about something you need not subject yourself to.

caarntedd (author) 6 years ago
Still waiting..................
For what? An arse-whupping? 'Cause that post is going to get you one right quick....
kelseymh6 years ago
Here. The lyrics should make you feel better...
It is nice when it works, eh? I just wish I hadn't rushed into it (twice) so quickly....
It starts when you say I do. It ends at... till death do us part.
>Rolls eyes violently<

Ow, I think I made one fall right out of its socket...
Kiteman7 years ago
More to the point, has anybody dared?

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