How many Boomarks or Favorites do you have?

Here's a question: how many bookmarks do you guys have? Are there any tips to sort them easily?

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enoted7 years ago
so many I am not sure if I will actually look at some again
Its better than paper all over my wall. Bookmarks are very useful and refering back to one is helpful. I have tons just for instructables. I started to make folders in Firefox or Chrome. I sometimes cartegorise bookmarks for each day of searching for the answer. Like the matrix .
illuminatis7 years ago
Hundreds upon hundreds, I've actually had to manually organize them in folders by topics, since firefox is really bad at this simple task
doctoral7 years ago
I'm telling you it's bad luck to talk about it
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Sunbanks7 years ago
Ha, too many, that's for sure! Actually, I have about 700, most of which aren't even organized, I just look for whatever one I want in one of the two folders I have :P I think some are in alphabetical order because Opera just automatically does that or something.
Creativeman7 years ago
I literally have hundreds!  All simply alphabetical. I see you are using firefox as well. seems they complicated the s__t  out of the simple sort function!  I gave up and what I do is when I bookmark something, I drag it into it's positon to alphabetize it.  Also, if there are things I know I want to check alot, I put them at the head of the list by putting an "A" in front of the title, and drag them into position there.  Works for me. Cman