How many Knex balls do you own?

I recently bought a bunch of ball from How many do you have?

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random_builder10 months ago

I just have one and two halves. One of the halves is broke, so I can't put it together. I should get more.

What kind do you have? The new balls, or the old balls?

How do you tell?

I think that the old ones have a larger diameter than the new ones.

I have no idea which I have.


KneXFAN20010 months ago


Sorunome6 years ago
about 15 yellow/red ones and 2 black/silver ones and 2 neon ones, total 19, using just the red/yellow ones, the others are sligtly bigger.
floris2burn6 years ago
I think I lost one in the rain gutter with my tall ball tower. However, we never heard a sound going down the pipes, nor did we see something when filming in the rain gutter.
For now I count 6 (+ 1 broken)
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