How many do you have?

Ive got a Mini-t, micro-t, xmod, zip zap, spin master havoc heli, and my dad haz a mini-baja and my sister has the lego r/c.

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ernestoaug4 years ago
2 helic
4 boats
2 cars
mberg5 years ago
i got a traxxas stampede. with 800 dollors of repairs and upgrades.
Aron313 mberg4 years ago
I got mine for free haha! :D
mberg Aron3134 years ago
check out my youtube channel puffmonster689 and look at my insrtuctable on my rc cars
Aron313 mberg4 years ago
Ok i will! :D
zack247 mberg5 years ago
wow. my most expensive car is worth $120!
mberg zack2475 years ago
i broke 3 or 4 part got a velion (somethin like that) motor, new wheel and rims. an extra battery and a 1 hour charger.
zack247 mberg5 years ago
what style of rims did you get?
mberg zack2475 years ago
rpm (sky blue) (really shiny)
zack247 mberg5 years ago
gotta love those shiny wheels!
mberg zack2475 years ago
there shiny until u drive it. lol
zack247 mberg5 years ago
lol very true mberg. my car hasn't got shiny wheels but if im lucky i can find some that will fit my discontinued car.
mberg zack2475 years ago
what do u mean by discontinued?
zack247 mberg5 years ago
they dont make it anymore, i got as overstock after christmas one year for $21, i originally sold for $120, so i got a heck of a deal, but they dont make it anymore, so my local hobby shop wont tell me if they have tires (or rims) that fit or not.
mberg zack2475 years ago
im also planning to get a cx (heli) with mt christmas money
zack247 mberg5 years ago
my only helicopter is a $20 one that i dont even fly very well :)
mberg zack2475 years ago
well iv'e watched tons of videos and iv'e remembered the controls very well.
I have:

Planes: JKA P-51D, GWS Formosa, SS, Many micros

Helis: NE Solo

Boats: Scratch-built Brushless Catamaran

Car's & Trucks: Team Associated MGT, Traxxas Rustler, Traxxas Slash, Losi Micro-T,  2 X-Mod's, 1 working and 1 broken, 1 broken Custom Ridze, 3 ZipZap cars and 1 ZipZaps MT.

I can now add a NE Solo Pro II =)
zack2475 years ago
i dont have many, not many high quality ones at least.
i have:
-Sector 7 NSX-R (my favourite!)
-New bright Dodge durango (my first)
-Jada toys Chrysler 300 Hemi C (my shiniest)
-1 zipzap SE
-1 Original zipzap
and a work in progress Cadillac Escalade :)
chopstx6 years ago
I got 2 E-maxx's. One is my dads and one is mine. they kick *ss
wait till you get a savage lol
I have a SAVAGE XL
Gas or electric?
Nitro kicks butt
get the Flux if u want real Brushless power that will make E-Maxx look like a child's toy
Is that Traxxas? If not, NO!
LOL this will be fun u look like a Traxxas fan boy and im a die hard HPI fan boy. Now can ur E-Maxx do standing back flips
It can be done. Can yours jump over 5 feet?
 Can urs jump 5 feet and survive ??? I have seen a bunch of T-Maxxes brake in half jumping from 2 feet. Savages are the toughest truck out there they can beat the T-maxx hands down. 
are lazer zx5's any good?
Yes. I think my longest (surviving)jump was 6 or 7 feet.

Can yours go 35+ mph then swing a tight 2 foot turn and back to 35+?
 just got my savage x ss just awesome
 Did u get the kit with the with motor or with out?? and yah SAVAGE FTW
came with the engine
candle3606 years ago
5 Xmods, I think 5 anyway. A couple are in pieces and I have 4 actual working ones. And I have an HPI E10 touring car. A  cheap walmart kind of helicopter, one of those micro helicopters made by AirHogs, and I think that's it.
aeromancy6 years ago
I have an electric p-51 mustang plane and an Exceed RC Falcon 40 (both 4 channel).
thejrb8 years ago
Airhog Aeroace jet. Radioshack starscream.
nerfer192 (author)  thejrb8 years ago
how do they fly (i'm assuming there both helicopters or planes)?