How many gunpowder u need 2 get a good explode or BOOM!!!!

How many gun powder do u need 2 get a good explosion

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you dont need to much powder as long as you contain it well like if u have say 10 grams of powder if u wrap it in paper it wont blow up as big as if u put it in a well sealed pipe.
westfw10 years ago
One of those "snaps" throwdowns contains about 0.0016 gram of silver fulminate. A "toy cap" can contain about 0.015 gram (1/25 grain) of "stuff." Legal (at the federal level) firecrackers have 0.05 gram of flash powder. A shotgun shell, louder that most firecrackers, contains about 1.5 gram of smokeless powder. The infamous M-80, capable of blowing off fingers and doing nasty things to property, contains 3 grams of flash powder. Ye old WW2 style "pineapple grenade", capable of killing several people within a significant radius, contained about 2oz of TNT. A stick of dynamite contains about 140 grams of nitroglycerine.
lemonie10 years ago
Kiteman10 years ago
HamO Kiteman10 years ago
Maybe two, if they're small.
NachoMahma HamO10 years ago
. I've never been brave enough to go past 1.25.
A friend and I accidentally blew the door off a car one day when we tried using four.
. You big dummy! EVERYBODY knows that four is too many.
Yeah, we were young whipper snappers at the time. Good thing I was wearing safety friend didn't have eyebrows for a month!
. ROFLMAO . I've been browless and/or lashless a few times myself. Lost a lot of hair on one leg when I tried welding in blue jeans with unravelled cuffs. . Safety goggles/glasses are good things. ;)
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