How many knex builders live in the UK?

just wondering guys, how many knex builders live in the UK? plz comment, knexguy ps. i live in high wycombe.

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NatNoBrains7 years ago
I'm From UK!
Owenmon9 years ago
i live in the us..... where socialists are taking over =(
knexguy (author)  Owenmon9 years ago
Nothing wrong with a bit of socialism... Unless it is of the German Workers Party sort!
Owenmon knexguy9 years ago
no, there IS something wrong about socialism. and there is not just "a bit" It is rapidly growing across the us. soon there will be no more patriots =(
Kiteman Owenmon9 years ago
Yeh, it's terrible - any minute now they're going to force you to have a decent health-care system and some hooligan is going to try and stop poor people starving, or prevent old folk freezing to death in the winter. 'Tis a terrible thing, the socialism...
knexperson19 years ago
I live,I bet your not going to believe me but I live in America:)I'm Free!!!
knexguy (author)  knexperson19 years ago
Oh my goodness! America? How is that pronounced? A-mer-i-ca?
Its pronounced: A-Merry-Can Merry christmas to all those cans out there!
knexguy (author)  Der Bradly9 years ago
Ah, thanks for clearing that up. =)
merry christmas to all of those christans out there~!.
we actually celebrate christmas for a reason =P not just to get presents
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