How many languages do you speak ?

1) How many language do you speak ? 2) What are they ? 3) Which one(s) do you speak fluently ? 4) Which one is your first language ? 5) Do you find usefull to speak more than one language ? 6) Which one (of those you speak) do you find the most difficult ? and in what is it difficult ? 7) What language would you like to learn ? edit: (two more extra questions i forgot to ask ...) 8) Why did you learn these extra languages ? 9) How often do you use these extra languages ?

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lalala093 months ago

1) 3

2) German (native language), English, French

3) German and English

4) German

5) Yes, because you can talk to people from other countries and meet new friends

6) French, because of the proununciation and some grammar things I struggle with

7) Swedish, Italian

8) I learn them at school

9) I use English every day for talking to English people, music, reading books, watching films etc. As my French isn´t really good yet, I only use it to listen to French music.

YuyaMochizuki8 months ago

I speak English and Chinese and now I decided to try to learn Polish. I founded great school on the internet (if you want to know them you can write to me or check it out here: www.polishcourses.com ) and I attended their classes for 3 weeks and that was it. Their speakers were great, books really helpful and I met great people there. I need to speak Polish, because I am going to move there so it will become my everyday language. Now I would like to try French or something!

RistoH1211 months ago

1. 5

2. Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French.

3. Finnish and English.

4. Finnish

5. Yes, English is extremely useful as well as German.

6. Swedish, i can't remember the words at all.

7. I would like to learn French better.

8. Purely out of interest.

9. Every now and then with friends.

AnnaG1811 months ago

I speak Icelandic because that's my first þanguage then the p.es I learned were.Danish, English, German,

AnnaG18 AnnaG1811 months ago

Language then the languages I learned were**

AnnaG1811 months ago

I speak,

Sindhi (native)
Urdu (proficient)
English (basics)
Punjabi (beginners level)
And I know few words Seraiki and Pashto.

I speak English, and Spanish. Unless pig latin can be added? lol

starforest1 year ago

1. 4

2. English, German, Latin, French

3. English, German


5. Yep

6. Latin

7. Norwegian

8. Because I wanted to travel to those places

9. Very often

Leodip1 year ago

I'm Italian and I speak fluent English, I'm pretty good with languages in general, although I suck at talking, so I can understand French although I've only learnt it at school (and you all know the school method to teach languages completely sucks), I can speak a bit of Spanish and can understand Spanish (more than French, for sure) because it's so similar to Italian with the vocabulary, also I understand tidbits of Japanese (thanks to anime, not that great teaching method, but still is something) and I can translate most text if I have a dictionary and a loooot of time. (Also, if programming languages count, I have pretty solid Python.)

Besides English, the other languages weren't that useful until now (again, if Python is valid, this was useful in its own context), but it's also to be said that I'm only 17 and I didn't travel much in my life. Spanish and French proved useful when I went on a cruise, but I couldn't interact well using French. Japanese is all around useful when I'm watching something but at the same time I get an sms or something: being the japanese used in anime really easy, I can easily get distracted for a moment or two and still keep on understanding what they are saying.

If I were to rate the hardest between the ones I speak fluently (Italian and English), Italian would be the hardest. English is just so easy if you leave out the impossible spelling and pronunciation rules. Including the others, the hardest is most likely Japanese because of the vocabulary which has NOTHING in common with the other languages I know (and, at least for the spoken part, with no other language at all), the meagre grammar which, unless you have a crapton of experience, is pretty hard to understand (although the particles mechanic is just too useful) and, for the written part, the Kanji. I mean, Chinese is, IMHO, much easier because it only has one pronunciation per Hanzi (the equivalent of a Kanji), so you only have to study the plethora of Hanzi to know how to read it. Also, as a side note, Spanish is the easiest: I studied that in 3 weeks before going on the cruise and I could understand everything they were saying and could interact with them well. The only problem is the conjugation table, which I didn't deal with, although it's much easier being Italian. (Python is crazy hell easy, too.)

I love languages, but I have little to no perseverance, so I get bored quickly, but there are just so many that I would love to learn: Esperanto is on my wishlist since long, easy, nice and also useful (you'll be stunned learning how many people speak Esperanto and you'll be left in awe learning about Pasporta Servo [google it]); Japanese and Chinese would be two awesome languages to know because of their influence globally and culture overall, if someone told be "I can instantenously make you fluent in one and only one language", I would ask them for one of the two (most likely Japanese, though); German also spiked my interest some time ago, but I can't say I really want to learn it. (As for programming languages, I would want to go ahead and study C++ and other stuff like this in the future, and later html and php for websites design.)

iceng1 year ago

1] 33

2] English, Czech, French, Fortran, Basic, Fourth, 1802, 2650, 6100, 6502, 6809, 8008, 8032, 8048, 8052, 8080, 8085,8086, Z-80, Z8, PIC 5series, SCENIX 2series, Stamp 4group, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

3] English, Czech, Basic, PIC , Stamp 3group.

4] Czech, 2650

5] Yes, Very much

6] French

7] German, Chinese, PHP

8] Needed every one.

9] Often use the [3] group never the numerics and sometime the others...

littleyl_1 year ago

1. 3/4
2. Dutch, cantonese (chinese), english and a little bit korean
3. Cantonese
4. I'm not sure if it is cantonese or dutch..
5. Yes
6. Korean
7. I'd like to learn korean fluently
8. Honestly I have no idea
9. I use chinese and dutch every day

1. 5 2. English , Tagalog , German, Italian , and Spanish. 3. English , Spanish 4. Tagalog 5. Yes ( When you speak many languages, people such as teachers often assume you are very smart and nerdy, thus allowing you to get away with mischeif , mayhem , and other crimes. In addition, you can talk to people who speak those languages, duh!) 6 German ( Just starting on it) 7 French ( I might be taking this class this year)
Tagalog? Now thats something different.. Phillipino descent by any chance?
Yes, I was born in the Philippines, and I'm mostly Philipino.
Does any of you speak Chabacano?
Reebxx2 years ago
Urdu and English
Urdu fluently
blkhawk3 years ago
1) How many language do you speak ?
2) What are they ?
Spanish and English
3) Which one(s) do you speak fluently ?
I speak both fluently
4) Which one is your first language ?
I am a native Spanish speaker
5) Do you find useful to speak more than one language ?
6) Which one (of those you speak) do you find the most difficult ? and in what is it difficult ?
Of both languages I find English the most challenging at times because English is not phonetic (it is not written the same way it is pronounced)
7) What language would you like to learn ? edit: (two more extra questions i forgot to ask ...)
I want to learn Italian, French and Chinese.
8) Why did you learn these extra languages ?
I would like to visit Italy and Corsica. There is no way for me to learn Corsu (the Corsican language) so learning Italian will be the closest thing. After English and Spanish, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.
9) How often do you use these extra languages ?
I have spoken a little Italian and French with native speakers. I love to make an a** out of myself.
1) four
2) Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.
3) Portuguese, french and english
4) Portuguese
5) Yes
6) French was the most difficult cause it's hard reproduce their accent and the grammar is also very complex
7) I would love to learn Italian.
8) I learned English cause I didn't like watching translated tv shows as a kid, and I also have English speaking cousins. I learned French because I moved to a french speaking province in Canada so I kinda had to learn it to survive. And even though I'm not fluent in Spanish, I can communicate since is very similar to Portuguese.
9) I speak Portuguese at home, French everywhere else and English at work, cause I work with tourists.
epaasikivi3 years ago
Well, I speak:
Finnish (native)
English (proficient)
Swedish (basics)
Japanese (beginners level)
And I know few words german and french.
ElvenChild4 years ago
I have taken Spanish for a few years but the only language that I really speak fluently (and even that is debatable) is English. In languages such as Magyar (Hungarian) Japanese, Korean, and Chinese I can say some phrases that I learned through music of their respective languages. I am most interested in Asian languages and would love to learn one (or more) someday however do to the lack of resources available to me (or maybe I am just not looking in the right place) my efforts to learn Japanese have been drastically wasted over the years.
i know 31 languages but im not going to take the time to list them all here, i know chinese, Spanish, Latin, japenese, Hindu, Portuguese, German, french, Italian, russian, aribic, just to name a few :P you fail
La aarif arabi englisi rejeen =p or something like that (I just plain can't spell in other languages).
Baronrc4 years ago
1. 3
2. English, Afrikaans, Dutch and German I'll count as a half each.
3. English and Afrikaans.
4. English AND Afrikaans, cultural anomaly...
5. Yes.
6. German.
7. Latin (academic interest).
8. English and Afrikaans are my mother tongues, German I picked up from friends, Dutch I understand and can roughly use because of it's similarities to Afrikaans.
9. With friends I often mix German and English because it's our private and unique dialect and affords us some privacy. Dutch I only really use with tourists.
KentsOkay7 years ago
1) National languages (fluently) 1, local dialects and variations, too many to count, have studied Irish, French, German, and Spanish 2) american english, spanglish, texan, scottish 3)ammycan eengish! 4) texan 5)very 6) Which one (of those you speak) do you find the most difficult ? and in what is it difficult ? 7) What language would you like to learn ? edit: (two more extra questions i forgot to ask ...) 8) Why did you learn these extra languages ? 9) How often do
Texan isn't a language..
>stands up all slow like Arr yew makin' a sligh on mah peeple an' custumz?
Not really..
Ahh, gud pardnur *holsters six gun*
*Rolls eyes*
*shoots atween eyes to make em roll even more*
Sure it is! Just like Mexican!
Some girl came into my Spanish class today and was talking to the teacher in Spanish and then the person with her was like "You speak Mexican?!"
n8man Sunbanks7 years ago
Wow, I thought people actually knew that the Spanish language came from SPAIN.
Sunbanks n8man7 years ago
Haha yeah I know huh
n8man7 years ago
1) 2 2)English and Spanish 3) English, still learning Spanish 4) English 5) YEA!!! 6) Spanish, you have to remember to conjugate the verbs and remember multiple conjugations for different tenses and also you have to remember which subject pronouns go where. Sentence structure is different, there are double negatives, but it is not that hard. 7) Mandarin or some other Chinese dialect 8) To be able to converse with more people who cannot speak english, I do live in California, but northern CA does not have as many immigrants who cannot speak English. 9)Every once in a while, not really that much.
110100101107 years ago
english - fluent hebrew - fluent first pika pika - fluent arabic - a bit russian - little / difficult - its kinda not straightforward for me 5 it is a must ! 7 chinese japanese hindi 8 to communicate ! we have some newcomers at school that speak well only russian or a strange mix of hebrew and arabic. english we are tought at school and i use it a lot online. pika - cause its just an amazing language on its own 9 russian / arabic - ocasionally but not to any advanced level. english / pika - very often
Gabba887 years ago
1) 4 2) Swedish, English, French and Spanish 3) Swedish and English, French almost fluently 4) Swedish 5) Yes! 6) French and Spanish (can't choose one) 7) Mandarin, maybe German and more Spanish 8) Just for fun. Plus it's always useful to speak more then 1 language. 9) English and Swedish on a daily basis. I try to read French and listen to music, but unfortunately I don't speak it very often nowadays. Been studying Spanish for almost a year now and use it about 3h a week.
Flumpkins8 years ago
1) How many language do you speak ? uhhmmm...4 2) What are they ? English,Spanish,French, And Polish 3) Which one(s) do you speak fluently ? English. I can only count to ten in the other 3 4) Which one is your first language ? Espenol 5) Do you find usefull to speak more than one language ? No :D 6) Which one (of those you speak) do you find the most difficult ? and in what is it difficult ? Polish... Try speaking it for more than 5 minutes, and you feel like someone smashed your tongue with a hammer. 7) What language would you like to learn ? I have quite a few, Polish (Fluently), German, Russian, Chinese,Japanese, Brazilian... edit: (two more extra questions i forgot to ask ...) 8) Why did you learn these extra languages ? I wanted to impress my friends 9) How often do you use these extra languages ? I probaby count to ten in Polish about... 1 time every 5 Months
Keith-Kid8 years ago
Six months late, but here we go!

1) That is debatable

2) English, Spanish, a bit of italian, a pinch of french and a bit of Japanese

3) English and Spanish

4) Spanish

5) Of course!

6) Japanese. Japanese and Chinese use a completely different system than English. However, since I speak Spanish, and Spanish and Japanese use the same tones, Japanese is a bit easier for me to learn, than say, someone who just speaks English.

7) Japanese.

8) So I can learn animation, since Japan and China pretty much dominate that market....

9) I use English and Spanish every single day. I actually prefer English over Spanish and tend to use it more. I use Japanese around my friends, they are trying to learn too....
1)That is debatable 2) English, and a little spanish, russian and chinese 3) Sadly only english, but like labot, I could prolly survive in Mexico. 4) English 5) Yes! 6) Chinese. They have no alphabet! You have to memorize thousands upon thousands of characters if you want to read it. 7) I'd like to be fluent in all the ones I only know a little of, plus Hindi, French, Irish, Navajo, and urdu 8) Spanish because I don't agree with the sentiment, sadly common in the US, that spanish speaking migrants "ought to learn our language instead of the other way around". For goodness sake, Hispanic people have been in America longer than Europeans! As for the others, just for fun. 9) Occasionally
Labot20018 years ago
1. Two
2. English & Spanish
3. I can speak English pretty fluently; if I was lost in Mexico, I would know enough Spanish to get by.
4. English
5. Si!
6. They both have their ups and downs. I'm biased, though; in reality English is probably more confusing than Spanish.
7. Italian, German, French
8. School!
9. We use Spanish to have private conversations during class =)
skunkbait8 years ago
1)4 (2 fluently, 2 poorly) 2)English and Melanesian Pidgin(fluently), I read and mostly understand French and Koine Greek 3)English and Melanesian Pidgin (People used to think I was born in New Guinea, because I spoke an older variant of their Pidgin) 4)English 5)Definitely, my wife and I can talk behind someone's back, in front of their face! 6)French. Il est tres dificile et je suis tres stupid. J'ai besoin d' une livre de Francais. 7)Hebrew, Latin 8)For better communication while travelling. (Greek for Bible study) 9)I read Greek a couple of times a week and I still dream in Pidgin a couple of times a month, still read it occasionally on-line, but haven't lived in the South Pacific for nealy 10 years. I work for a French company, so I "speak" French (poorly) on a weekly basis (mostly greetings and weather observations).
Goodhart8 years ago
1: only one fluently 1b: I can read some Hebrew 2: English, with most of my High School German being kaput. ;-) 3: English 4: English 5: yes, it helps me in many ways 6: English 7: Hebrew 8: German because of the PA Dutch (German ancestry) in my area; the reading Hebrew in order to have a better access to the TANAKH, Mishna, Talmud, and Zohar 9: The German, almost never (which is why I forgot most of it) and the Hebrew, nearly every day.
Toen ik gebruik van het Internet استطيع ان اتكلم اي لغة Εχω χρησιμοποιησει στο εργο μου πολλες φορες Mais je ne parle que l'Anglais et français sans ordinateur that says: when I use the internet I can speak any language. I have even used it in my work but I only speak english and french without a computer
apperently arabic and greek characters don't work on this site
bogguzarin8 years ago
1)7 2) Faroese, Danish, English, German, Sweedish, Norwegan and understand Icelantic, and a bit of french and Ivrit. 3) Faroese, Danish, English, German. 4) Faroese. But I grew up speaking Danish and English aswell. 5)yes very..I think I would feel very limited if I could only speak one language. 6) well, I think that Faroese is the most difficult one for other people to learn. But right now I'm trying to learn french, so that's my most difficult language at the moment. 7) French, Italian, Ivrit, Russian. 8)I learned Danish 100% fluently from TV. Faroese because I'm from the Faroe Islands. English mostly from TV, but also in school. German in school. And Norwegan because it's so similar to Danish, same goes for Sweedish.. and last but not least Icelantic because it's so similar to faroese. I didn't learn them for any reason.. It sort of just happened. 9) I use my native language everyday, danish almost everyday (or at least a couple times a week), English almost everyday, as to the rest I use the scandinavian languages from time to time...
acaz938 years ago
1)2.3 2)Spanish , English , Kind of Portuguese 3)Spanish 4)Spanish & English 5)Of Course , If not , how do i will be writing this 7)Some Japanese 8)School , Principally in the bilingual school i were inscribed 9)Everyday , Except portuguese i don't use it as often
trebuchet038 years ago
1) 1.45 2) English (American) - Spanish - Swedish 3) English (American) 4) English 5) Depends completely on location. Currently, no. If I lived closer to Miami, yes. 6) Sweedish - only because some of the pronunciations are not intuitive as a native English speaker - pjoike, for instance. 7) I wish to complete learning Swedish, then Spanish - in that order. edit: (two more extra questions i forgot to ask ...) 8) Spanish - VIA school. Swedish - the plan was study abroad but timing wasn't good as I found out later. But I still would love to visit and perhaps live there for a period of time. 9) Spanish - infrequently. I know enough to stay out of trouble (for the most part). Swedish - never, other than teaching tidbits to friends.
chooseausername (author) 8 years ago
That's interresting. Thank you for your answers. I could have asked "why did you learn these extra languages ?", and "do you use these extra language often ?", but i fogot to include them into the list ... Well, i'm quite surpised that so many of you are seduced by the idea to learn latin ... though, as it is a common root of a lot of european languages, that may be usefull if you're planning to learn more europeans languages, i suppose ... (that's how latin has always been presented to me anyway : a tool to learn more ...) Also, it's particularly interresting to see that despite English is the current international language, it's does not discourage natural English-speaker from learning some other languages :-) Well, as you kindly replied to my questions, I will do the same : 1) I speak almost 3 lang. 2) they are French, English and Spanish 3) I speak fluently French and English (i hope !) 4) French is my first lang. 5) I find English especialy usefull. 6) As I still don't master English, I could say it's the most difficult, but being aware of all the subtilities of the French language, i will say French. 7) I'd like to learn Japaneze, German, more Spanish, and i'd like to improve my English. 8) I did learn the basis of these extra languages (english and spanish) because I was forced to, at school. I slowly and greatly started to improve my English since few years ago because I wanted to be able to ask technical questions related to programming ... And I continued to do so, because I made some friends on a forum. Now, i would like to make it as perfect as possible just for the pleasure to master extra languages ... 9) I use English almost everydays. Spanish very rarely.
Ora8 years ago
1) 3 2) English, Spanish, Japanese 3) English 4) English 5) Most definitely 6) Japanese, because the sentence structure is not even close to latin based language sentece structure. 7) Chinese, or German
FreakCitySF8 years ago
1. 1 2. English 3. None 4. English 5. Yes 6. English 7. English
Brennn108 years ago
1) 2 2) English and Deutsch! 3)English and soon Deutsch 4)English 5)Of course! It looks good on college resume! 6)None really, I find German to be quite easy to pick up. Straight 95-100's in class. 7)Chinese, or Arabic. One that is useful for the government, and public outcry of translators.
NachoMahma8 years ago
1) One 2) Southern English (AKA, Redneckese) 3) None 4) n/a 5) n/a 6) n/a 7) All of 'em. Spanish would be useful, like to learn more Latin.
zachninme8 years ago
1:2 2:3... I mean English & French 3: English 4: English 5: Yes 6: French, its not my native tounge, but I spell better in French than English... 7: Latin, or more French!
Katharis8 years ago
1.Five 2. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish (basicly the same language) English and i speak crappy spanish. 3. English and Swedish. 4. Swedish. 5. Yes. 6. Spanish, mostly because I havent learnt it properly yet. 7. German, because of the geograpihc point of view.
tomonto8 years ago
2 english and german english english not yet german, im only on year 2 Im starting Latin this year
Easy Button8 years ago
1: two 2:Spanish and english 3:English 4:English 5:yes 6:Spanish A:everything 7:Chinese
whatsisface8 years ago
1) 2 2) English and German 3) English 4) English 5) Yeah, especially when working with tourists 6) German, I find the genders difficult 7) I'd like to learn something really obscure, maybe learn Latin.