How many languages do you speak ?

1) How many language do you speak ? 2) What are they ? 3) Which one(s) do you speak fluently ? 4) Which one is your first language ? 5) Do you find usefull to speak more than one language ? 6) Which one (of those you speak) do you find the most difficult ? and in what is it difficult ? 7) What language would you like to learn ? edit: (two more extra questions i forgot to ask ...) 8) Why did you learn these extra languages ? 9) How often do you use these extra languages ?

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1) 6

2) Finnish (native language), English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and I'm currently learning Dutch

3) Finnish and English

4) Finnish

5) Yes, because if you are traveling or something, you can have conversations with the citizens and you can meet new people.

6) Arabic, because the pronunciation is difficult and its a completely different writing system.

7) I would like to learn Japanese and Korean

8) I learned English, German and Spanish in school, and I learned Arabic and French just for fun

9) I use English to listen to music, read, watching movies and TV series etc... I have a couple of French and German friends so sometimes we have conversations with their native languages.

lalala097 months ago

1) 3

2) German (native language), English, French

3) German and English

4) German

5) Yes, because you can talk to people from other countries and meet new friends

6) French, because of the proununciation and some grammar things I struggle with

7) Swedish, Italian

8) I learn them at school

9) I use English every day for talking to English people, music, reading books, watching films etc. As my French isn´t really good yet, I only use it to listen to French music.

I speak English and Chinese and now I decided to try to learn Polish. I founded great school on the internet (if you want to know them you can write to me or check it out here: www.polishcourses.com ) and I attended their classes for 3 weeks and that was it. Their speakers were great, books really helpful and I met great people there. I need to speak Polish, because I am going to move there so it will become my everyday language. Now I would like to try French or something!

RistoH121 year ago

1. 5

2. Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French.

3. Finnish and English.

4. Finnish

5. Yes, English is extremely useful as well as German.

6. Swedish, i can't remember the words at all.

7. I would like to learn French better.

8. Purely out of interest.

9. Every now and then with friends.

AnnaG181 year ago

I speak Icelandic because that's my first þanguage then the p.es I learned were.Danish, English, German,

Language then the languages I learned were**

AnnaG181 year ago

I speak,

Sindhi (native)
Urdu (proficient)
English (basics)
Punjabi (beginners level)
And I know few words Seraiki and Pashto.

I speak English, and Spanish. Unless pig latin can be added? lol

starforest1 year ago

1. 4

2. English, German, Latin, French

3. English, German


5. Yep

6. Latin

7. Norwegian

8. Because I wanted to travel to those places

9. Very often

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