How many members is there?

Just wondering if anyone knows how many members of instructables there is? There seems to be new members popping up every day and I can't find any official numbers on the count.

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ll.139 years ago
Around 311,360
I believe it's in the works to have a statistics page on here.
Keith-Kid9 years ago
based on the Instructables robot messages, bout a million . (really, check out his comments.)

ACTIVE, less than 100,000 is my bet
Clever! Actually, I don't see the one million figure. But there seem to be >140,000 "Hello! Welcome to Instructables!" messages, which should be one for every new user, at least since the 'bot started welcoming them (Oct 17, 2006?)
. IIRC (can't find the post), the Robot has taken a few vacations and missed quite a few ppl, so the number will be higher than it appears to be. . Judging by the fact that no one on staff has jumped in, I'll guess they don't want everybody to know, but I am curious as to how many ppl I'm abusing. ;)
Bran NachoMahma9 years ago
Not only would the number be higher because of Robot's vacations, there was also a long period of time where Eric greeted new members (like me).
and me!
the problem is, although there is a high number of members, sadly many of them post around 50 comments and stay for a month average, then never return. There is also the chance that a lot of people really got interested and created a new, more appropriate user name.

I saw that Instructables supposedly gets....either 2 or 20 million views. Our actual community, the ones that talk in forums and regularly comment probably don't even make up a 9% of all the people here.

oh and patrik, my mistake, I read the number wrong, its 140,000 I read 1,400,000!
Ah, here's my source. It says That at 27,000,000 pageviews a month, its Federated Media's second biggest.
Derin Keith-Kid9 years ago
some ppl arent welcomed by the bot(example:me)
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