How much batteri will I need?

well for my new project im gonna add 50 small diods, how much batteri will I need? Diod info: 1,6 - 2 V 20 mA 5mm Batteri info: A normal 9v batteri

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tiermaster (author) 9 years ago
Thanks. Well thats all help I needed. Thanks alot!
tiermaster (author) 9 years ago
THe time doesnt matter, will one 9v batteri make them all light?
yes, it well defiantly work but you'll need a resistor
tiermaster (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Im not that good at this, what does a resistor do? XD and can I use any kind of resistor? where do I need to attach it?
ok, let's begin a resistor decreases the amount of power going to the LED, keeping the LED from burning out, you will need a 390 ohm resistor (orange gray brown gold) you can attach the resistor to the LED and then to the battery like in the picture, and conenct one side of the Resistor to a battery, the un-soldered side of the led to the battery
tiermaster (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
will I need a resistor to every led? and do I really need it? XD its alot more work, running to the store and soldering everything xD If I use a AA, will I still need the resistor?
tiermaster (author)  tiermaster9 years ago
also ill be using only 18 doides, what resistor will I need now? (awnser the other question aswell )
resistor 1 is 27 ohms resistor 2 is 220 ohm follow the picture
you can group them in groups of 3 leds / resistor (up to 4 - 5 leds / resistor if leds are really 1.6 - 2 V)

use this wizard to figure out what resistor to use and how to connect
a good one i think yes
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