How much do you think makes a year?

How about, make magazine? name your favorite blog here I'm kinda clueless on web statistics, traffic counting, demographics etc but I find it amazing. Anyone know roughly what a few popular websites make? thanks

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zachninme9 years ago
I don't know, but I've never seen so many gold-plated gadgets... and now that I think of it, I didn't know that diamond-studded chairs were actually comfortable...
Can't fool me; I've been to Nerd-Pride Movie Night (when's the next one going to be?) Instructables's toys are MORE more FUN than gold plated diamond studded chairs. If they got ahold of gold and diamonds, we'd see "make your own gold sputtered conductive fabric" and "using gem-cut diamonds as grinding tools" projects...
They're very modest, and they try to cover it up with cheap spray paint...
How much do you think makes a year?

I think makes enough to pay every permanent employees (eventually interns too), servers, eventually the rent of the Tower, and the stickers and t-shirts they give to some of us.

How much exactly, I can't tell ...

Keep in mind that they share the Tower - and presumably some of the employees - with Squid Labs. On a shoestring budget, you could probably run Instructables with two people, to take care of the hardware, software, content and advertising (i.e., income). Wouldn't be the same Instructables, of course, but it's feasible. I don't get the impression that Instructables was created to generate revenue though. As long as it is close to breaking even (i.e. not a major financial headache), there are plenty of other benefits for its creators than plain making money...
Actually, I imagined as a vitrine for Squid Labs and some others companies.

Though, as it seems to require a lot of work and time (development, debugging, moderation and servers), this could be a very expensive vitrine. So, even if it was not created to generate revenue, it could generate enough revenues to eventually pay permanent employees and servers ......more even since the number of members and visitors have increased ..... but that's just my theory, and maybe I'm totally wrong =o)

I'd be curious to know what's the reality =o)
Do they? They've got FUNDING, after all. Companies can limp along losing money for ages if they've got enough funding (not that I think this describes Instructables.) "Well, I recon if I won a lot of money in the lottery, I'd just keep on farming till it was all used up", as the joke goes.
Do they?

Maybe ... Maybe not ... =oP

Personally, and for example, if my business was on perfusion (funding), instead of giving a $10,000 laser as first price of a contest, I'd sell it.
However, it could also be a tactical : big prizes == more visitors. And thus, this would mean that I'd hope to make a lot more than $10,000 a year (big prizes == investment).

I'd assumed that most of the prizes were provided by the manufacturer; a form of advertising...
It's possible. Maybe it was stated in the "how to enter" page of the laser contest.

Though, and for instance, on metacafe, I don't know how it works exactly, but with about 1,000,000 views in total, someone made about $100,000.
They can make up to $1,000 a week.

So, with all the google ads on Instructables and "I don't know exactly how many visitors a year", I perfectly imagine Instructables could be financially autonomous ...

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