How much knex do you have??

Hi everyone Here is the Question of the day. How many knex do YOU have?? Tell us all, here. Here are some pictures of all my knex. There are 15,600 counted pieces and thats just my storage containers, not my tubs and guns. Also the last two photos are of my folding gun. Should I post.

Picture of How much knex do you have??
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DJ Radio8 years ago
I have.... a pathetic amount of knex compared to you and every other known knexer. I only have enough for one project at a time.
same here
like 2 or 3k
I think I have 1.5k Usable parts. Usable parts are knex parts that are not mini or knex bricks.
got less i think how many yellow connectors got you?
not a lot. The pistol I posted a forum topic on used all of my yellow connectors except 2 of them.
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I thought I had more, but the 3D connectors I use to substitute yellow connectors in rifles confused me.
got only 67 half moons :( i need more!!
i only have 36
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