How much music do YOU have?? (Poll Question)

Music, it's an important part of life, and I'm pretty sure pretty much everyone listens to it. But the question is how much do you listen to? What kind of genre is your forte? Do you have 3 cd's or 500 cd's? Post your answers, screenshots, thoughts. Here's what I've got: 1381 Songs, 3.9 days of continuous music, 8.93 GB worth (You'd think I have like 5,000 songs, but quality is more important than quantity). I listen to genres such as Peter Gabriel to Tupac Shakur (2pac to you rap junkies), RATM, ZZ - Top and more. I have like 20 torrents of music/discographies (YAY peter gab discography on the way) downloading right now and that should add a few more GB of weight to my HD.

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Lextone10 years ago
1256 songs in the Ipod, about 3500 CD's, about 300 12" vinyl's(33 1/3 rpm), 150 or so 45's, and about a hundred 78's . Everything from Classical to Alternative and everything in between. Jazz, R&B, Metal, Rock, Classic rock, Easy listening, big band, Soundtracks, oldies, Rap, punk, Ska, Dance, name it, I probably have it....except Country...I don't really care for country.
Punkguyta (author)  Lextone10 years ago
You don't care for country either eh? I need some help converting my father back to listening to rock, seems those mennonites he hangs with hooked him on country like cocaine.
LOL, I'm unfortunately in an area were Country is prevalent. Of six local radio stations, four are pure Country.
sounds like you need satellite radio LOL
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Sirius(ly) LOL
Brennn1010 years ago
I have about 600 songs on iTunes.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
100th comment!
John Smith10 years ago
~360+ on iTunes and my iPod (all rock), but I actually like more than that. I just can't find the names of good bands and songs easily. I like older rock, rock, and some rock when I'm not listening to rock. Boston, Led Zeppelin, and all them. Actually more than that when I add 20-something songs from a Journey Dual-Disc Album.

Flamebait of the Day:
"...rap is for lowlifes..."
"...rap makes Jesus cry..."
"...rap is for the scum of the Earth..."
"...where would the world be without rap...the scum of the Earth has to listen to something."

So I'm not that against it, but I think it is stupid.
I checked today. I have three rap songs that I like:
-Funky Cold Medina-Tone Loc
-Wild Thing-Tone Loc
-Jump Around- House of Pain

Sorry for the flamebait....
Punkguyta (author)  John Smith10 years ago
Hey hey hey easy now, you need to learn a thing about "rap". You are most likely associating rap with shit like "My humps" and 50 cent hit songs that are heard EVERYWHERE (don't tell me you haven't heard my humps from some dickhead blaring it in his car down the street, that'd be a lie).

Read: Tupac Shakur

Tupac, the realist rapper there is, seriously listen to some of the real rap before you judge people, rap that is actually articulated poetry not "come lick the lollypop at the candy shop" over and over. <-----(50 cent reference)

I could easily say that Led zepplin is shit (no really I like my rock too). But to be truthful, it take a lot more skill, time, patience to rap then it does to strum a guitar and sing about your wife leaving with your dog and your kids and your brother sleeping with her.
it take a lot more skill, time, patience to rap then it does to strum a guitar and sing about your wife leaving with your dog and your kids and your brother sleeping with her.

Which is why I prefer Classical works: they are much more involved, musically, than anything else. And there is heart and soul out there if you want to find it ;-)
I suppose it just depends on the definition of "music" over "prose".
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