How much profanity is appropriate for instructables.

I have a quick question. I made a film for my next instructable, with instructions spoken in it ,better than I could explained. The people in it used a little profanity. (I counted about 11 wordy dirts for 4 min video). Would this be okay for instructables or should i try to go through and beep out any profanity? Also i already posted the video on Youtube and it took like week before i got it all squared away, so i really don't want to upload a new video. And i dont want to post something offensive and risk having that robot beat me up. The topic is about first aid. I had to take a first aid class for work and I filmed some of the hands on stuff with my camera.

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
None is best, but some is okay. Adding a warning at the beginning of the video would be nice.
Kiteman9 years ago
Since this is a family site, and many of the members are minors, so, unless they are "minor" profanities, it is probably a better bet to try bleeping them out.
thematthatter (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I went by and looked at again. i counted 7 words that mean feces 3 words that mean copulation 1 word that means urine 1 word that refers to the buttocks. I'll just censor it out, I don't want it to distract from the spirit of the instructable.
when you sensor it dont make it go BEEP! make it say something like "sugar-cat" "bum-fizzle" "drip pop", its much funnier
Or replace all swears with smurf, this never fails to amuse...
"What the SMURF is going on here!!" "You MOTHER-SMURFING SON OF A SMURF" "Why the SMURF am I using CAPSLOCK"
Shut up you smurfy little smurf-hole, go smurf yourself, while you're at it you may aswell smurf that dog's smurf since your in to that kind of smurf, you're smurfing smurf mama told me...
Hey! This is a family site - can we please stop all the blue language!
Kiteman that was a pun of such obscenity... You have been sentenced to death by goodhart...

*Remembers last tiem this happened... Never gonna make weirrrrrd puuuuns
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