How much would you sacrifice... do what's right? ...Would you walk everywhere to boycott an unfair bus system? (let's assume we all ride the bus) ...Would you take on the position of leading a movement for democracy in a country that you could could easily be assassinated in for doing it? ...Would you give up everything to fight for what is right? People who have answered yes to questions like these have gotten the modern world to where we are today. People who have answered yes to questions like these are improving the undeveloped world. Would you? If the occasion came that you were best fit to take on a position like Martin Luther King Jr. did, would you accept? I like to think that I would - I hope that I would. --ChaosCampbell put it well: "so... simply put, you are asking; would you stand up for yourself. eve at the sacrifice of your life. I think our world as we know it shows the majority answer of... yesthe question that would bring a majority ... no answer, even if we cannot admit it to ourselves would be; would you be willing to sacrifice everything to resolve an injustice committed against a fellow man, if your sacrifice would bring a group further at the detriment of your own existence. meaning doing nothing would allow you to live a merry life, or sacrificing would allow a larger group to have a better life at your expense"

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megapun139 years ago
this is the pic
megapun139 years ago
uh,i found this is a very insulting.just wanted to let you know about it
Goodhart9 years ago
so... simply put, you are asking; would you stand up for yourself. eve at the sacrifice of your life.

For myself ? Not likely. For others? Without hesitation.
trebuchet039 years ago
The short answer for me... Is yes - until you sacrifice what you're fighting for.
I know I would, I have for lesser reasons and pretty high ones, there are two types of bravery to have, the more common and eventually wavering stupid bravery, they stand up because they only know that something bad is happening, but not what or why or consequences... Then there's true bravery where despite all stopping them they will stand and they will fight for their beliefs and those of others. Well there's more to it than that, having been caught in situations where I could have let something awful happen but nobody risks death... I still found myself standing up anyway and I know why I did but how I did is a better question, I came very close to being killed without stopping to think, hey maybe I should just let it all happen. Many of us assume we wouldn't because when we're not there we won't but when we are we will. In the end I ruined my jacket and got some chipped teeth... worth it, yes.
royalestel9 years ago
Depends. My primary priorities are: God, Family, Nation. In that order. As God's omnipotent, I worry mostly about my family. If something happens that directly threatens my family, then I take action. Remove the threat or remove my family from the threat or another option. In short, though, the answer is "Yes". However, I can only think of very few things that I would stand up to fight for. Most of my life now that I have a family to care for, is spent, caring for my family. The unrestrained nonresponsibility of studenthood is long gone. No more endless hours to spend doing "whatever". You might find similar changes for you as life goes on.
KentsOkay9 years ago
Yes, yes, and hell yes, + what Chaos said
a position like Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. is not accepted... it is earned. these positions are widely available every... but there is a lack of willing people to fill them. its not a matter of accepting the position as it is sacrificing everything to earn such a position. you can think to yourself you would accept such a position but the fact of the matter is, you are not canvassing for the job. its easy to say yes to something you will never be offered... it is more difficult to lead and create the position you think you would be willing to accept at the sacrifice of everything
Weissensteinburg (author)  chaoscampbell9 years ago
You are correct, though I hope you understand what I meant. Allow me to rephrase the question then: If you saw a problem such as those that great leaders before us have seen, would you take the action that they to change what was happening?
the question more approptiatly put I think...... would be, if you were faced with an issue that direct affected your life would you fall in line... or stand firm for your rights and the rights of others. there are very few who would stand firm as a leader of a cause that had no impact upon there life
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