How often do you exercise? And what do you do? If not, what's holding you back?

I'm just curious. I guess I'm always curious about other peoples' health habits... you know, being in public health and all. So do you exercise? How long, how often? What do you consider exercise? And if you don't exercise, why not? Right now I'm doing yoga once a week for two hours, and cardio for at least 30 minutes every day, along with weights every now and then. I do them randomly. I probably should be more calculated about that. I guess you guys can considered this extracurricular activities on my part if it makes you feel better about all the questions. :P (Also - work it, Richard!)

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Goodhart7 years ago
Yikes! That picture is enough to make me want to NOT exercise. I don't really get much time....with work, my ailing wife, my ailing Mom.....I am kind of really put out as it were.
No, I actually ride my bike all the time, do heavy yard work, and I curl twenties.
I excercise all the time; when I eat my cereal I lift my spoon, when I eat my lunch I lift my sandwich, and when I eat my dinner I lift my fork.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Now that I'm in highschool, I exercise daily. I run up and down stairs, between 3 different buildings. Then there is PE class where we do whatever sport my coach has planned out, which is also daily.

And then at home I lift 2 20 pound dumbbells when I am not tired from school.
gemtree7 years ago
Well, I bought an X bike, one of those FitDesk bikes but it didn't fit my heighth so I hacked a shelf to attach to it and put my keyboard on it and my mouse and pedal while I am typing. I like it. The seat was killing my butt. I replaced it twice and it still hurt. I personally think it was because I over did the pedaling and it was a muscular pain. If this new seat I bought today (3rd one) does not suit, I will buy a noseless one.

Anyway, when I am at the puter, I can spend time pedaling. That means I am spending a lot of time pedaling til my butt starts to scream at me. Then I switch back to my chair. I would say, since I hacked the shelf, I am spending about 3 hours a week total on the bike. NO clue how many miles I am pedaling because I do not have a guage. I suppose I could buy a pedometer or whatever you call it.

I like the bike. It does not FEEL like it is doing anything butt... I feel the burn where I am sitting. ;) That is the worst area of unfitness I have.
Either skiing, DH mountain biking, or dirt jumping, or biking at skate parks on almost any day thats weather permitting.
Sunbanks8 years ago
I don't exercise much anymore :\ I would really like to get back into shape by bike riding but if I want to actually ride someplace like on the 1.5 mile bike path I'd have to have someone with me but almost everyone is doing track
Flumpkins8 years ago
I don't excersise... I think this is because I feel that my metal drumming skills is like an excersize. Double bass works my legs, and the regualr shhhttttuff works my arms. Though I am a little on the heavy side xD
jessyratfink (author) 8 years ago
My exercise program has been changing a lot lately. I've been stressed and it's suffered. I'm not doing yoga anymore, but I would like to start again. This morning, though, I rode eight miles while watching Lost, and then did weights and pushups and some ab work. Yippee! At least I'll be in a better mood at work. :D
krowii8 years ago
Basketball! Rock climbing! Riding bikes!! Swimming!! Fun stuff! I do the occasional weight training/treadmill during the winter when its too cold to go out. But I usually prefer doing some kind of sport/activity with my friends.
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